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A Little Bit About Me


Born and raised in Ireland, I feel deeply connected to the Irish landscape and all of its wonder and variety. There is endless joy, inspiration and solace to be found in the extraordinary beauty of this island.  My work focuses on our native flora and fauna with a particular interest in pollinators and their relationship with plants.


I am continually fascinated by the interconnectedness of all living things : How the tiny autumn acorns grow into large oak trees, which in turn become home to colonies of purple hairstreak butterflies. How the abandoned burrows of wood mice provide a shelter for bumblebee queens to lay their eggs in, and who in turn become the adult bees pollinating the plants that the wood mice depend on for food. It is a privilege to witness this magic in nature and a great honour to translate it on to paper. 



Over the past few years, I’ve developed my studio practice, experimenting with different mediums and techniques, and finding my own personal style. I work mostly with acrylic paints using watercolour techniques. I love the soft edges and delicate quality of light that can be achieved with watercolours but the medium lacked the depth and saturation I want in my work. By using acrylic paints with watercolour techniques I can create that depth while still retaining a softness. I am constantly evolving as an artist and building my own unique creative voice. It is a lifelong journey and one that I am grateful to be on.  

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For me, creating art is about paying attention. It is a space to appreciate the tiny and the miraculous. There is a delicacy and sensitivity to my work that reflects the sensitivity of my soul. My process begins by immersing myself in the nature that surrounds me. Breathing in the sweet forest air, revelling in the variety of birdsong, observing the changing light.


Through this daily noticing I find an abundance of creativity within. I never return home from a walk empty-handed! My pockets overflow with treasures I gather along the way; shells, fallen leaves, chestnuts, feathers.… All of which make their way onto the canvas with time. My art is a response to the natural world around me and the curiosity and wonder I feel in the wild. I hope it brings joy and connection to those who view it. 

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